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Headlight Restoration

Over a period of time your headlights will become pitted, suffer the harmful UV rays of the sun, and appear opaque in appearance. This effect will not only degrade the value of your vehicle, but will also create a loss of your headlights key function - illumination - therefore may create a situation which makes it more difficult for you to see the road ahead. The RPM Headlight Restoration System successfully restores your damaged Plastic, Acrylic, Lexan, or Polycarbonate headlights and convertable windows all within the time it takes to have an oil change completed.

  • Greatly improves visibility and appearance
  • Makes driving safe again
  • Improves the value of your vehicle
  • Saves money by restoring rather than replacing
  • A true machined polish system

So Don't Delay and Restore Today!

Headlight Restoration Headlight Restoration