Let RPM repair your bent wheels


repaired wheels - before and after

Got a bent wheel? Does your vehicle have a vibration? Got a cracked wheel that loses air? Save money on replacement costs and get your wheels repaired with Richmond Performance Modifications!

Wheels can bend for many reasons, though some form of impact is the most common cause. Whether potholes, raised manhole covers, road construction or simply curbs, there are plenty of obstacles that can bend a wheel. It's almost always easier to bend the wheel on the back (or "inboard" side) because the spokes are positioned on the front side of the wheel. This can make it dificult to see the bend while the wheel is still mounted on the vehicle. In these cases, the bend is usually noticed in causing the car to vibrate.

The aluminum wheels on today's vehicles are actually composed of an alloy made up of aluminum and nickel. The proportions of aluminum versus nickel in the alloy have an enormous effect on the properties of the alloy. Less nickel generally produces a lighter wheel, but one which bends at a higher rate due to its softness. More nickel makes for a heavier wheel that is more resistant to bends, but becomes much more brittle and more susceptible to cracks than softer alloy wheels.

When all wheels were steel, a good mechanic could simply pound out bends with a hammer. Though this technique offered zero precision, and could not fix the vibration, the steel could be bent back to the point where the wheel makes contact with the tire and hold air. Some auto technicians will still attempt to hammer out bent aluminum alloy wheels. Never allow anyone to hammer out your aluminum alloy wheels, as a cracked or destroyed wheel would be the most likely outcome. Even if the wheel does not crack, the alloy will be permanently damaged and will never be the same.

RPM's state-of-the-art technology allows us to straighten wheels of any style up to 26" in diameter. Our certified wheel specialists use a combination of hydraulics, pulls, flange, heat, tools, and experience to straighten your wheel to DOT & manufacturer requirements. Trust RPM to ensure that your wheel meets factory specifications before you leave or before we return ship your wheel.


Tire must be dismounted from the wheel before the wheel is repaired. There will be an additional charge to dismount and mount the tire if not.

Bent Wheel Disclaimer

Any wheel, no matter how slightly bent, has the possibility to crack during the straightening process. Our certified technicians take every precaution to maintain the integrity of your wheel during this process. However, in the event your wheel does crack during the straightening process and is not repairable, Richmond Performance Modifications will not charge for time and labor spent to straighten the wheel. However, you the customer will be responsible for the cost of a replacement wheel. Not all wheels are repairable, due to safety reasons or structural compromise.

Chrome Wheel Disclaimer

Any repair done to a chrome wheel will damage the chrome finish. We take every precaution to minimize the damage, however, damage will occur. We do not warranty the chrome finish.

Cracked Wheel Disclaimer

Most minor cracks are repairable. But, in the case of a cracked spoke, Richmond Performance Modifications will not attempt to repair the wheel. If a spoke is cracked, the wheel is not repairable.