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RPM can help you shine brighter than the rest! We provide Richmond with the best selection of LED lighting. Whether you want to swap out your interior lighting or add custom lighting panels, RPM can improve your factory look. LEDs can also improve your vehicle safety. Swap out your stock marker, brake, or reverse lights for LEDs to be visible at a greater distance. If you need LED underbody kits, RPM has those as well.


RPM also has Richmond's best selection of HID xenon lights. High intensity discharge lights perform twice as long as standard halogen bulbs on average and can make your vehicle more energy efficient, as well as improve driver safety.

HID lights produce light with an electric arc instead of a glowing filament. The high intensity of the arc comes from metallic salts that are vaporized inside the arc chamber. This process produces a brighter glow and projects light farther than standard halogen bulbs. Even though HID lighting operates at a higher voltage, the actual wattage of the bulb is much lower, reducing the power drain on your vehicle. HID lights also produce a light that is less yellowish than standard halogen bulbs. The look of HID light generally appears as a bright white or other shades, depending on the color temperature of the system.

  • Color Temperature: 3000K
    3000K emits GOLDEN YELLOW color and offers superior penetration power during adverse weather epically in dense fog. The applications of the 3000K kit aim more towards secondary lighting apparatus such as high beam and fog lights. This is the color temperature that will catch all the attention on the road.
  • Color Temperature: 4300K
    The light appears fairly white, and has light yellowish hue when reflected off the road identical to the OEM HID equipped vehicles. It is ideal for customers who does a lot of back road or canyon driving and need the optimal visibility.
  • Color Temperature: 5000K/6000K
    5000K and 6000K emits pure white light with very slight and barely noticeable tint of blue and purple. This color is for customers who is looking for pure performance white while improving the looks of their headlight. 5000K is the color temperature we use the most.
  • Color Temperature: 8000K
    8000K has an approximately 3000lm output, which is about 3x the light output of the traditional halogen light and slightly less light output compared to the 6000K. While it has a bit lesser light output, it emits bluer light than the 6000K.
  • Color Temperature: 10000K
    10000K has an approximately 2800lm output, which is more than 2x the light output of the traditional halogen light. 10000K produces a deep blue light output approaching violet and the blue is noticeably deeper than the 8000K.
  • Color Temperature: 12000K
    This color temperature puts out a deep bluish violet light and is deeper colored than the 10000K. It is for customer who is looking for the most extreme and most exotic looking light output.

A common misconception about HID lights is the higher the K (Kelvin temperature), the brighter the light. This is not true, the Kelvin scale measures the color, not the brightness. A 4500K HID is technically the brightest light; the farther you go from 4500K in either direction reduces the amount of visible light. 5000K gives the best mix of performance and looks.